Donald Trump Atlantic City History Defended by Brand New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Donald Trump Atlantic City History Defended by Brand New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Donald Trump spent more than 20 years in the Atlantic City casino business, employing thousands of local residents and millions that are generating tax income for the state. Dating right back to the early 1980s when he first entered the resort industry, Trump operated and owned three casinos on the Boardwalk in what was then considered the gambling mecca of this East Coast.

In 1990, Donald Trump went all-in on Atlantic City, but today his business dealings are now being criticized by some whom hold the billionaire partially responsible for the gambling destination’s dismal current financial state. (Image: Charles Rex Arbogast/AP)

Fast-forward to 2016, and the Republican frontrunner for the presidential general election is currently dealing with backlash, not only for the ultimate fate of their Atlantic City casinos, but additionally for exactly what role he perhaps played in your community’s current and downturn that is ongoing.

On Tuesday, brand new Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a former 2016 GOP candidate who may have since endorsed Trump, defended the billionaire.

‘He is a honorable individual, and I don’t think he is ever been an office-holder in Atlantic City,’ Christie told reporters. ‘ I do not remember Donald being mayor,’ he included, an obvious dig at current AC Mayor Don Guardian, for who the Governor has no love destroyed.

Trump Taj Mahal Junk Bonds

Criticism of Trump’s Atlanti […]

Atlantic City Casino Income Shows Signs of Stabilizing, Online Gambling Thriving

Atlantic City Casino Income Shows Signs of Stabilizing, Online Gambling Thriving

The economic crash in Atlantic City has seemed to bottom down at the least for the casinos, as revenues for the remaining gambling resorts are 3.1 percent higher than these people were at this time year that is last.

Atlantic City gambling enterprises might have finally weathered the storm and begun to stabilize the gambling industry for the eight resorts that are remaining. After a decade of declining profits due to America’s Great Recession and neighboring states pushing gambling legislation in response to abating tax bases, Atlantic City has seemed to reach a norm that is new.

Significantly less than couple of years after one-fourth of its casinos went away from business, revenues for Atlantic City decreased only marginally in March. The area’s casino win totaled $187,463,591 for a 1.7 % loss, though when Web gambling is included Atlantic City fell simply 0.4 percent.

Traditional dining table video gaming was the worst performer in March as casinos reported a 5.9 percent drop on supposedly greater win rates. The decrease ended up being offset by Internet video gaming, which rose an astonishing 17.8 percent during the thirty days.

Calm After the Storm

Though the town in Atlantic City is broke and currently engaged in a bitter debate with Governor Chris Christie (R) and State Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D) over who is best to manage the town’s data recovery, 2016 is off to a great start […]

Casino News: NJ Growth, Iowa Sports, Grand Theft

Casino News: NJ Growth, Iowa Sports, Grand Theft

This week’s casino news starts off with an online casino of a kind that is different. The online casino inside the favorite gaming Grand Theft car is causing a stir around the world as video gamers go to gamble.

Over 50 Countries Ban Gambling In Brand New Diamond Casino

Grand Theft car Online has created quite the controversy along with its newest large-scale drop that is content. The recent release includes a new playground for the ultra-wealthy of Los Santos to gamble in the Diamond Casino and Resort. A number of international governments from around the world have stepped in to ban access to the gambling portions of the new content while the origin of this online casino experience is a video game.

While players from the United States, Japan and Western Europe have been able to access this content, more than 50 other countries have locked the experience from their citizens. Many people from those nations have posted on Reddit about navigating around the ban with a VPN. Nevertheless, the undeniable fact that they should get around government regulations in purchase to play in the Diamond Casino is a major controversy.

The issue for the countries that banned the casino play into the game is the fact you can purchase fake money to wager using real profit the game store. Therefore, you are actually spending real money in order to risk fake money in the game while you aren’t technically winning real money playing in the GT […]